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Where do I get my mailbox keys?
Your local mail distributor is responsible for providing your mailbox keys. Please contact your post office to arrange for key pickup. The Canada Post website will have information about which post office services your area. The Builder will provide you with the mailbox location when you do your Pre-delivery inspection. You will need to bring picture identification and your Tarion New Home Warranty Certificate to the post office in order to get your keys. The process of getting mailing routes set up and mailboxes assigned can sometimes take time, so check in with your post office regularly to pick up your mail.

I have some deficiencies in my unit that I didn’t put on my 30 day form, what can I do?
If you have found new deficiencies before mailing in your Tarion 30 day form to Tarion and the Builder, you may simply add them to the form. Otherwise you may add them to your Tarion 1 year form. All Tarion forms can be downloaded off the Tarion website at Remember to mail in your forms in a timely matter to ensure your warranty is upheld.

When will I get my grading deposit back?
Grading Deposits will be refunded to the purchaser once the municipality assumes the subdivision and returns all the LCs (Letters of Credit) to the Builder.

I need to do a colour selection, how do I do this?
You will be contacted by the Builders’ Décor Consultant to arrange for an appointment to make your selections at our Décor Center or Model Home.

What is the difference between a Tentative and a Confirmed closing date?
A tentative closing date is a completion date estimated by the Builder at the beginning of the project. A Builder may extend this date with sufficient notice to the purchaser, once the construction timeline becomes clearer. Once a closing date is confirmed, this date represents the time in which a unit is scheduled to be occupied; however this date may also be extended with sufficient notice. Please see your Agreement of Purchase and Sale for more specific guidelines.

What is the difference between the occupancy closing and the final closing?
Occupancy closing is the closing that happens when the unit has been inspected and deemed habitable by the city and is before the condominium is registered. Upon occupancy you will receive the keys to your unit and you will be responsible for paying occupancy fees to the builder until the condominium becomes registered. Final closing occurs once the condominium has been registered and the purchaser is responsible for the purchase price of their unit. Please contact your lawyer with questions regarding your closings.

Can I make changes to my unit before it is registered?
A purchaser may not make changes to the exterior of the unit until the condominium is registered and the Condo Board has been formed. The Condo Board is made up of a panel of purchasers that have been voted in by other members of the condo community. The Property Manager will arrange for the creation of the board. The Condo Board has the responsibility of voting on issues regarding changes to the exteriors of units within the condominium Corporation. Purchasers may bring requests to the attention of the board where they will be voted upon. The interior of the unit is considered to be the property of the purchaser and may be changed at any time as long as it is within regulations of the Ontario Building Code. However, if you are considering a major renovation to your unit, you should consult the Builder. Please see your Disclosure Booklet for more information.

What is the Disclosure Booklet that I received?
The Disclosure Booklet is a very important document that should be read by every purchaser. It outlines all the rules and regulations of the condominium and the relevant Government Legislation.

What should I do if I move or my contact information changes before I take occupancy of my unit?
Please notify the builder immediately in writing of any changes to your contact information. This is important to ensure you receive the most up to date information regarding your unit.

Prospective Buyers:

How can I employ Sierra to build my custom home?
Please contact Leigh Pawlick from our Custom Home Division at 905-947-1116 x237 or e-mail her at For more details see the Custom Homes section of our website.

Sierra is building my custom home. If I have a contractor that I want to use, will Sierra employ them?
We often employ contractors that are suggested by our purchasers and work to provide competitive pricing to best serve our custom home buyers. We take pride in our exceptional workmanship and will utilize as many venues as possible to achieve this. We have a throng of trades that we draw from, but will always accommodate the requests of our purchasers to the best of our ability. The success of the project and satisfaction of our buyers is our primary goal. We are willing to work with purchasers in order to make their home building experience as personal as possible.

Do you have any architects and designers that you would recommend?
Absolutely! We have a very talented and diverse team of Architects and Designers that we utilize. At your request, we will provide you with a list of people that will best serve your project goals. Please contact our head office to submit your request 905-947-1116.

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